Bright Matte Lip – MAC Fashion Sets


A side effect of being a makeup addict is that most of the time I walk out of the house with a full face of makeup, carefully coordinated eye, lip and blush shades…. but worn with a lazy ponytail and a haphazard outfit thrown on as a second thought (usually anything that requires little to no ironing).  It’s not surprising that the only mirror I have in the room is a small one on my dressing table.

And so since today was the start of the sales for most of the stores here in London I was resolved to buy clothes, shoes and accessories instead of makeup for once!  And I succeeded for the most part.  Everything I bought in the sales were either clothes or accessories.  Sort of.  Ok so I bought 2 MAC lip liners from the Fashion Sets collection too BUT they technically weren’t part of the sales =P

I picked up Ablaze (bright coral) to go with the lipstick and Embrace Me (bright neon pink).  I decided to give the Embrace Me lipstick a miss as it would be too similar to my go to bright pink NARS Schiap.  I think it’s a pretty close match!  But as you can see in the swach the Ablaze lipstick has more red than the lip liner.


(L-R) MAC Embrace Me lip liner, NARS Schiap lipstick, MAC Ablaze lip liner, MAC Ablaze lip stick

Too bright to wear in the office but I will definitely be wearing these on the weekend even if London decides to rain the whole time!


3 thoughts on “Bright Matte Lip – MAC Fashion Sets

  1. This is so true! Today I spent 30 minutes on my makeup, but when it came to my hair I put forth no effort. lol. It was either be late and wear a ponytail or style into perfection and be 10 minutes late. Ponytail it is!

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