NARS Eye Paints in Snake Eyes and Iskandar



With magazines and blogs awash with previews of upcoming holiday collections (I’m looking at you Chanel and NARS) it be wise to be prudent with the hauls in anticipation of a big spend in a couple of months time. But one could be forgiven for letting a collection slip through especially when it’s NARS coming out with a new range of eye paints – creamy colours of pigmented goodness that double as eye liner or cream eye shadow.

There are 10 colours available and the standouts for me were Black Valley and Mesopotamia (matte black and brown), Snake Eyes and Ubangi (black based shimmers in emerald and navy) and the shimmery gold Iskandar for the silly season. I went home with Snake Eyes and Iskandar but Ubangi and Mesopotamia are next on my list!


Here’s Snake Eyes swatched with other shimmery emeralds (L-R):

  • MAC Powerglide Intense liner in Black Line (this has more black and less blue)
  • Bobbi Brown gel liner in Ivy Shimmer (darker and less shimmer)


And if you’re wondering, no that black smudge is not dirt and smog from the London underground – it’s actually NARS Night Clubbing eye shadow.  As you can see it’s quite rubbish on its own but worn over a black base the green shimmer does make an appearance.

They’re out now exclusive to Selfridges at £18.50 each.  They should be available on the NARS website soon but in the meantime check out their Get the Look video for Mesopotamia and Mozambique.


Trying to coin a new term ‘Swatchwich’ starting with MAC Just a Bite…

So it’s past midnight on a Saturday night and instead of being out on the town I’m sitting here with my SK-II sheet mask on and recovering from a day spent at a 2 year old’s birthday party.  None of the energetic kids were mine but nevertheless I am exhausted!

I’m also feeling strangely liberated after watching Lisa Eldridge’s latest video about the trials and tribulations of PMS.  This is an absolute must watch:

I laughed almost throughout the whole thing because it was so, so very true!  Even the hubby agreed.  I am not alone and I would not be surprised if we have witnessed the birth of a new term ‘PMS Face’.  Not to be confused with BRF (Bitchy Resting Face) which by the way is also a must watch:

I’m now feeling inspired to coin a new term of my own… behold:

Swatchwich – the art of posting a swatch of a beauty product between two similar, related or dupe products.

I’m going to debut my new term with the newest addition to my dark autumn lip collection – Just a Bite from MAC’s Indulge collection (out this week in the UK). Smooth and surprisingly easy to wear despite the deep shade and pigment.  If you’re looking for more of a matte finish – just give it an extra blot to dull down the shine.


Here’s Just a Bite swatchwiched between Runaway Red (limited edition Satin) and Dubonnet (Amplified)


Pardon my silly mood – but I’ve only barely managed to stop myself from posting a FOTD with my SK-II sheet mask on!

Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick Trio (UK Travel Exclusive)


Landing into Stansted Airport on a late flight, I was powerless to resist picking up the Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick Trio. It’s been on my wish list since the beginning of summer and my only regret is that I’ve waited so long! The trip comes with Beige Plume (a nude pink), Rose Taffetas (a bright light pink) and Rose Boudoir (a deep rose). All very easy to wear shades and in what has to be my favourite lipstick formula in terms of pigmentation, lasting power and moisture.

Here they are swatched on my arm tanned from a weekend in Spain. LOVE!


(Beige Plume, Rose Taffetas, Rose Boudoir)

NARS Fairy’s Kiss Palette and 413 BLKR Lipstick


Okay so it’s August and officially it’s still summer – but the new collections are too hard to resist! NARS have two 6-pan eyeshadow palettes out: Fairy’s Kiss and Ride Up to the Moon. These come in the new smaller size like the And God Created Woman palette. I’m a fan of lavender, grey and purple combinations so I went with Fairy’s Kiss:


Manosque (top left) is a shimmery pink beige and exclusive to this palette, but the standout shade for me is definitely Brousse III (top right) – a rich shimmery violet. Deep and buttery enough not to need a black base to bring out the colour.

The new 413 BLKR lipstick (available exclusively on the NARS website in the UK) is a creamy matte brown rose. It hardly has any red so it’s definitely not for the faint hearted! Here is a swatch sandwiched between YSL Rouge Pur Couture in #206 Grenat Satisfaction (left) and Tom Ford Lip Color in Black Orchid (right). Black Orchid is plummier and Grenat Satisfaction is deeper.


These almost make me look forward to Autumn… almost!

A cure for insomnia? Neom Organics and Aveda stress-fix


Finding it hard to sleep between the warm evenings and thunderstorms this summer?  I’ve found a little aromatherapy does wonders to help me wind down and relax in the evenings.

If you’ve ever had an Aveda facial, the therapist begins by rubbing the aromatherapy concentrate of your choice to their palms and ask you to take 3-4 deep breaths to inhale the scent.  Not one to question the experts I try and do the same with the Aveda Stress-Fix Concentrate (French lavender and clary sage) before bed.  It comes in a little cylinder with a roller ball applicator which is also perfect for applying to your pulse points.

The Tranquility scented candle from NEOM Organics (English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine) reminds me of luxury day spas and given that I ALWAYS fall asleep during the course of a massage it’s perfect for sending me to a blissful sleep.

Aveda Stress-Fix Concentrate
NEOM Organices Tranquility scented candle

Diptyque scented candles


My sister and I have been obsessed with Diptyque candles lately.  One or two £40 candles may have flown under the radar but I’m afraid we’ve stepped over the invisible line delimiting the norm from the excessive and our significant others have started raising their eyebrows.  £40 for candles!?  I resist the temptation to correct him to say that the special edition Rose Duet candle was actually £42.

I’m usually a devotee of The White Company scented candles but I have to say the Diptyque candles are in a different league (and price range yes).  The fragrance is rich yet subtle, but most importantly the scent is consistent throughout its 50-60 hour burning time.  Other candles I’ve tried smell amazing up until all the fragrance is burnt off in the first couple of hours and I’m left with a very pretty candle with a love scent of … wax.  The candle burns down the glass jar elegantly as long as you keep the wick trimmed and for the stronger scents, the warm wax continues to effuse its fragrance as it cools down.

My favourites are the rose or white flower scented offerings like Roses, Gardenia, Baies and my most recent acquisition Tubereuse.

Summer is gracing ole Londontown with its presence and there is nothing better than lighting a fragrance and throwing all the windows open to let in the cool summer evening breeze.  The only downfall is that all manner of bugs and little flying creatures take this as an invitation to come in and say hello.  What can I say they have good taste!


On the Wishlist:  Coriandre, Feuille de Lavande, Mimosa, Figiuer and… all of them really!

Rococo Funghi di Bosco chocolates

chocolate-rococco-funghi-di-boscoIt is only fitting that I dedicate a post to Rococo’s Funghi di Bosco chocolate pralines as this blog’s delicious muse.  I confess that as I sat with the wordpress registration page in front of me, next to me was a bag of these babies sitting half empty.  And yes I do mean half empty – chocolates whether in a box, a bag or a bar cannot attain a state of half full.  It mysteriously goes from full to half empty after the first piece has been devoured (it’s true -check wikipedia).

In the age of the revolutionary Mr Heston Blumenthal who marries science to gastronomy to produce food to confuse the senses, here we have lovely bite size hazelnut pralines covered in marbled milk chocolate in the shape of humble button mushrooms.  I know, I know – we’ve seen pralines in the shape of seashells for years so it’s nothing new.  But forgive a self confessed chocoholic for falling for the novelty.  They were certainly delectable enough to crave and repurchase (once by me and twice bought for me by my sister because I don’t stop going on about them), and of course charming enough to inspire the name for my blog.