Chanel Les 4 Ombres 2014 – Tisse Ventien and Tisse Gabrielle

If someone had been watching me browse around Boots yesterday they would have wondered what could have turned my relaxed, almost bored demeanour into a fit of frantic panic/excitement/joy/indecision.  If they had bothered to ask, the incoherent response would play out like a charity song collaboration with several big name voices trying to out-sing each other (think “We are the World”, “That’s what friends are for”, etc).  This particular song features:

  • She Loves Praline (me)
  • Impulsive Praline (my impulsive and excitable side)
  • Sensible Praline (my sensible side)

Omg the new Chanel eye shadows are out! (they’re out?!  how can that be?  I haven’t seen many reviews or tutorials on them yet!  I thought they weren’t out until … OMG it’s March!!!)  Oh they look gorgeous *paws them* (I have to have them now – I want them but which ones?! *recalls drool worthy promo pics of Tisse Ventien*  I want them all!!!!) Excuse me, these are the new quads right?  How much are they?  £40?

[Enter Sensible Praline]: I only have 10 minutes until I have to start making my way to dinner.  Better wait until I can look up swatches and reviews so I know which one to get.  And anyway Debenhams are doing 10% off all Beauty this week and likely John Lewis are doing a price match

[CUE random bumps, crashes, tears, screams, punches and shouting]

I’ll take Tisse Ventien and Tisse Gabrielle thanks.  Oh the Le Volume mascara now comes in Waterproof? (Le Volume my favourite mascara ever!  It comes in Khaki?!) Yes please I’ll have one of those too.

chanel-les-ombres-232-tisse-gabrielleChanel Les 4 Ombres in Tisse Gabrielle – taupe, ivory, deep plum and smokey purple shades


Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Tisse Ventien – teal green, icy pink, emerald shimmer and a complex seafoam shimmer

Here they are swatched on my tanned arm (just back from a beach holiday) – I’m probably NC35 at the moment (usually NC30).  The shadows are pigmented and buttery soft – no powderiness and the product picks up a little like mineral eye shadows.  They also feel much softer than the regular EU baked quads and I can’t wait to take them for a spin tonight!