Rococo Funghi di Bosco chocolates

chocolate-rococco-funghi-di-boscoIt is only fitting that I dedicate a post to Rococo’s Funghi di Bosco chocolate pralines as this blog’s delicious muse.  I confess that as I sat with the wordpress registration page in front of me, next to me was a bag of these babies sitting half empty.  And yes I do mean half empty – chocolates whether in a box, a bag or a bar cannot attain a state of half full.  It mysteriously goes from full to half empty after the first piece has been devoured (it’s true -check wikipedia).

In the age of the revolutionary Mr Heston Blumenthal who marries science to gastronomy to produce food to confuse the senses, here we have lovely bite size hazelnut pralines covered in marbled milk chocolate in the shape of humble button mushrooms.  I know, I know – we’ve seen pralines in the shape of seashells for years so it’s nothing new.  But forgive a self confessed chocoholic for falling for the novelty.  They were certainly delectable enough to crave and repurchase (once by me and twice bought for me by my sister because I don’t stop going on about them), and of course charming enough to inspire the name for my blog.



Amelia Rope Chocolate: Pale Hazelnut and Sea Salt


Is there anything better than discovering new chocolate?  I was on a mission to do just that so I ventured into the Liberty’s of London Chocolate Shop.  The eco-style packaging on the chocolate bars piled on the Amelia Rope display caught my eye and after seeing the Pale Hazelnut and Sea Salt flavour I was sold!

The 40% cocoa milk chocolate is rich and luxurious with a hint of sea salt (not too overpowering).  I would usually prefer a bit more hazelnut than the sprinkling at the bottom of the bar but in this case the chocolate itself definitely deserved my undivided attention.  Looking forward to trying more!

Pale Hazelnut & Sea Salt Edition (40% COCOA) 100g – £5.95
Amelia Rope chocolates available in Liberty’s, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason or online at