Diptyque scented candles


My sister and I have been obsessed with Diptyque candles lately.  One or two £40 candles may have flown under the radar but I’m afraid we’ve stepped over the invisible line delimiting the norm from the excessive and our significant others have started raising their eyebrows.  £40 for candles!?  I resist the temptation to correct him to say that the special edition Rose Duet candle was actually £42.

I’m usually a devotee of The White Company scented candles but I have to say the Diptyque candles are in a different league (and price range yes).  The fragrance is rich yet subtle, but most importantly the scent is consistent throughout its 50-60 hour burning time.  Other candles I’ve tried smell amazing up until all the fragrance is burnt off in the first couple of hours and I’m left with a very pretty candle with a love scent of … wax.  The candle burns down the glass jar elegantly as long as you keep the wick trimmed and for the stronger scents, the warm wax continues to effuse its fragrance as it cools down.

My favourites are the rose or white flower scented offerings like Roses, Gardenia, Baies and my most recent acquisition Tubereuse.

Summer is gracing ole Londontown with its presence and there is nothing better than lighting a fragrance and throwing all the windows open to let in the cool summer evening breeze.  The only downfall is that all manner of bugs and little flying creatures take this as an invitation to come in and say hello.  What can I say they have good taste!


On the Wishlist:  Coriandre, Feuille de Lavande, Mimosa, Figiuer and… all of them really!


Amelia Rope Chocolate: Pale Hazelnut and Sea Salt


Is there anything better than discovering new chocolate?  I was on a mission to do just that so I ventured into the Liberty’s of London Chocolate Shop.  The eco-style packaging on the chocolate bars piled on the Amelia Rope display caught my eye and after seeing the Pale Hazelnut and Sea Salt flavour I was sold!

The 40% cocoa milk chocolate is rich and luxurious with a hint of sea salt (not too overpowering).  I would usually prefer a bit more hazelnut than the sprinkling at the bottom of the bar but in this case the chocolate itself definitely deserved my undivided attention.  Looking forward to trying more!

Pale Hazelnut & Sea Salt Edition (40% COCOA) 100g – £5.95
Amelia Rope chocolates available in Liberty’s, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason or online at http://www.ameliarope.com

Pixiwoo at Liberty’s Brushes with Greatness event


Sam and Nic from Pixiwoo were recently at Liberty London’s Brushes with Greatness event.  I managed to catch the end of Sam’s look by Nic and was lucky enough to get a good view of Sam doing a look on Nic.

The ladies looked gorgeous in person and were so friendly, natural and dynamic.  Nic had a great sense of humour and reminded me of the banter I have with my own sisters.

I only caught the end of Sam’s look by Nic but here are some of the products used from what I can remember!

Smoky Eye Look (on Sam by Nic)

  • Bobbi Brown foundation
  • Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow

Zig Zag Liner Eye Look (on Nic by Sam)

  • Bobbi Brown stick foundation (2 shades to contour)
  • Bobbi Brown corrector concealer
  • Hourglass brow sculpting pencil
  • Chantecaille bronzer
  • Trish McEvoy eyeshadow palette
  • Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner
  • Hourglass Femme Rouge Opaque liquid lipstick in Icon

They had a cameraman capturing all the tutorials so I assume they’ll be posting them online soon!

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