The empties that keep on giving – Diptyque

There must be something I’m missing because I can’t seem to see joy in empty shampoo or body lotion containers.  I buy them, use them, throw them out and buy the same if I loved it or buy another if I didn’t.


Now a Diptyque candle is another case entirely.  They burn evenly down the bottom of the glass jar (not burning a hole in the centre like some candles do) leaving pretty much just a thin layer of wax and the base of the wick when the light goes out.

You would be wrong in thinking that using up a much loved candle would be a cause for dismay. For one it means that you now have an excuse to buy ANOTHER candle, or in my case I now have an excuse to light the Feuille de Lavande I had waiting in my stash (gorgeous by the way!).  Secondly, the jar becomes home to anything that takes my fancy.  In this case, my NARS Velvet Matte and Satin Lip Pencils which have been rolling around in my drawer.


I’ll leave it up to your imagination but take notes from the inspiring Sabrina’s The Beauty Look Book where she uses them to store anything from paperclips to cotton buds!


NARS Eye Paints in Snake Eyes and Iskandar



With magazines and blogs awash with previews of upcoming holiday collections (I’m looking at you Chanel and NARS) it be wise to be prudent with the hauls in anticipation of a big spend in a couple of months time. But one could be forgiven for letting a collection slip through especially when it’s NARS coming out with a new range of eye paints – creamy colours of pigmented goodness that double as eye liner or cream eye shadow.

There are 10 colours available and the standouts for me were Black Valley and Mesopotamia (matte black and brown), Snake Eyes and Ubangi (black based shimmers in emerald and navy) and the shimmery gold Iskandar for the silly season. I went home with Snake Eyes and Iskandar but Ubangi and Mesopotamia are next on my list!


Here’s Snake Eyes swatched with other shimmery emeralds (L-R):

  • MAC Powerglide Intense liner in Black Line (this has more black and less blue)
  • Bobbi Brown gel liner in Ivy Shimmer (darker and less shimmer)


And if you’re wondering, no that black smudge is not dirt and smog from the London underground – it’s actually NARS Night Clubbing eye shadow.  As you can see it’s quite rubbish on its own but worn over a black base the green shimmer does make an appearance.

They’re out now exclusive to Selfridges at £18.50 each.  They should be available on the NARS website soon but in the meantime check out their Get the Look video for Mesopotamia and Mozambique.

Trying to coin a new term ‘Swatchwich’ starting with MAC Just a Bite…

So it’s past midnight on a Saturday night and instead of being out on the town I’m sitting here with my SK-II sheet mask on and recovering from a day spent at a 2 year old’s birthday party.  None of the energetic kids were mine but nevertheless I am exhausted!

I’m also feeling strangely liberated after watching Lisa Eldridge’s latest video about the trials and tribulations of PMS.  This is an absolute must watch:

I laughed almost throughout the whole thing because it was so, so very true!  Even the hubby agreed.  I am not alone and I would not be surprised if we have witnessed the birth of a new term ‘PMS Face’.  Not to be confused with BRF (Bitchy Resting Face) which by the way is also a must watch:

I’m now feeling inspired to coin a new term of my own… behold:

Swatchwich – the art of posting a swatch of a beauty product between two similar, related or dupe products.

I’m going to debut my new term with the newest addition to my dark autumn lip collection – Just a Bite from MAC’s Indulge collection (out this week in the UK). Smooth and surprisingly easy to wear despite the deep shade and pigment.  If you’re looking for more of a matte finish – just give it an extra blot to dull down the shine.


Here’s Just a Bite swatchwiched between Runaway Red (limited edition Satin) and Dubonnet (Amplified)


Pardon my silly mood – but I’ve only barely managed to stop myself from posting a FOTD with my SK-II sheet mask on!

Bright Matte Lip – MAC Fashion Sets


A side effect of being a makeup addict is that most of the time I walk out of the house with a full face of makeup, carefully coordinated eye, lip and blush shades…. but worn with a lazy ponytail and a haphazard outfit thrown on as a second thought (usually anything that requires little to no ironing).  It’s not surprising that the only mirror I have in the room is a small one on my dressing table.

And so since today was the start of the sales for most of the stores here in London I was resolved to buy clothes, shoes and accessories instead of makeup for once!  And I succeeded for the most part.  Everything I bought in the sales were either clothes or accessories.  Sort of.  Ok so I bought 2 MAC lip liners from the Fashion Sets collection too BUT they technically weren’t part of the sales =P

I picked up Ablaze (bright coral) to go with the lipstick and Embrace Me (bright neon pink).  I decided to give the Embrace Me lipstick a miss as it would be too similar to my go to bright pink NARS Schiap.  I think it’s a pretty close match!  But as you can see in the swach the Ablaze lipstick has more red than the lip liner.


(L-R) MAC Embrace Me lip liner, NARS Schiap lipstick, MAC Ablaze lip liner, MAC Ablaze lip stick

Too bright to wear in the office but I will definitely be wearing these on the weekend even if London decides to rain the whole time!