Trying to coin a new term ‘Swatchwich’ starting with MAC Just a Bite…

So it’s past midnight on a Saturday night and instead of being out on the town I’m sitting here with my SK-II sheet mask on and recovering from a day spent at a 2 year old’s birthday party.  None of the energetic kids were mine but nevertheless I am exhausted!

I’m also feeling strangely liberated after watching Lisa Eldridge’s latest video about the trials and tribulations of PMS.  This is an absolute must watch:

I laughed almost throughout the whole thing because it was so, so very true!  Even the hubby agreed.  I am not alone and I would not be surprised if we have witnessed the birth of a new term ‘PMS Face’.  Not to be confused with BRF (Bitchy Resting Face) which by the way is also a must watch:

I’m now feeling inspired to coin a new term of my own… behold:

Swatchwich – the art of posting a swatch of a beauty product between two similar, related or dupe products.

I’m going to debut my new term with the newest addition to my dark autumn lip collection – Just a Bite from MAC’s Indulge collection (out this week in the UK). Smooth and surprisingly easy to wear despite the deep shade and pigment.  If you’re looking for more of a matte finish – just give it an extra blot to dull down the shine.


Here’s Just a Bite swatchwiched between Runaway Red (limited edition Satin) and Dubonnet (Amplified)


Pardon my silly mood – but I’ve only barely managed to stop myself from posting a FOTD with my SK-II sheet mask on!